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How To Share Data In Airtel

Share Data in Airtel

Various users has come with the query how to share data in airtel and is it possible? The current tutorial is especially meant for the airtel data share users. One can do airtel net share with the other Airtel number in a simple and easiest way. Also, can share the data benefits to the another number in two different ways. The first one is to share through My Airtel App successfully. Most of all will think and prefer to share the data between friends/as the airtel family share or any other. But before doing so, make sure that they also maintain the Airtel Sim only. As because one cannot share with the other network sim operator. Moreover, this is actually launched by the Airtel customers.

So if the user is likely to share with their family, add the number in your data sharing list. As they start using your data, will cut at your data balance simultaneously. Through this offer, one can recharge the big data pack and make use of it. All the small internet packs costs much and consequently the bigger data packs costs low. Moreover, few people collect some money and do recharge for big internet pack. This is done to share with each other and in conclusion saving the money successfully.


We are here to guide you and provide the different methods where one can share airtel data and make use of it very well. The entire tutorial is all about airtel data transfer trick through different ways. Works on the basis of 2G/3G/4G mode. So here we go with the detailed process of different methods provided in clear and understandable format. Before going to begin, make sure as both were using the same network sim operator.

3 Different Methods For How To Share Internet In Airtel

Follow the below methods carefully for the airtel net share with friends/ for the airtel family share in the better understandable format. Here we go.
  • Share/transfer the data through MyAirtel App 
  • Share/ transfer the data with the family/ friends. 
  • Transfer/share the data on Airtel with the help of airtel data share ussd code 
  • Share/transfer the data through My Airtel App
Follow the below steps carefully. Initiate to share the data and have a lot of fun. So what are you looking for? Here we go.

  • The very first step one has to download My Airtel App without any fail. 
  • If you face any kind of difficulty at the middle, follow the below path. 
  • Go to the settings-> choose unknown sources-> enable it. 
  • And now move to the respective folder and click to download successfully. 
  • Move to the notification bar and click on it to install without causing any kind of error. 
  • Once after the download process get complete, sign up to the account and verify the OTP with the respective Airtel mobile number. 
  • After doing so, open the app and visit the family share option. 
  • And then start adding the family members through the app. 
  • One has to make sure that data pack balance is available in a greater way. 
  • Finally, select the family and share the data successfully. 

Share/transfer the data with the family/ friends.

Here we go with the process of how to share internet in airtel in various steps provided in clear and understandable format.

  • The very first, send the message SHARE to 121. 
  • So that one can receive the message as Now share the 3G/4G balance with any of the 4 members. 
  • In order to view the family, SMS VIEW to the code 121. 
  • And then add the family member available in the list at the time of transferring the data. 
  • To add another number SMS ADD<space><10 digit mobile number> to 121. 
  • Once you add the family member, will receive the confirmation code. 
  • In order to delete, SMS DEL<space><10 digit mobile number> to 121. 
  • And will receive the confirmation message as the following are the members of your family and the contact will get display. 

Transfer/share the data on Airtel with the help of airtel data share USSD code

The following are the steps to share the data on Airtel successfully. Do follow and share without any fail.

  • Open the phone dialer and type the USSD code as *141*712*9*<Receive phone number># for 25MB {*141*712*11<Receive phone number> for 10MB/ {*141*712*4<Receive phone number> for 60MB}. 
  • Touch on the call. 
  • And do follow the entire instructions appeared on the screen. 


As a result, we have provided the different methods for airtel data share ussd code/airtel family share/airtel net share in clear and understandable format. If you like to share the current tutorial, can share with family/friends. To get more doubts, comment on the below section. Thank you for the visit.

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