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How To Loop a YouTube Video Easy Methods

How to make youtube videos repeat

How To Loop a YouTube Video: As today there are numerous videos available to stream, users keep watching frequently the same at multiple intervals. Likewise, favorite music, videos, kid shows, learning tutorials and much more. But there is no possibility to set the YouTube on repeat infinite times. And the user has initiated to search about how to loop a youtube video many times. All the YouTube community addresses the issue in different ways. Like creator looping videos placing at editing side, uploading and offering the various solutions to reload and replay whenever you disclose it. And what more is all the solutions cover-up till today will no longer get exist.

We provide you the best possible ways for how to make youtube videos repeat in clear and understandable format. The very first using the browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and much more. One can do identify and initiate to play the youtube video which you prefer to loop youtube video or repeat. Once after it starts playing, do a right click on the video itself in order to reveal the options menu. So that the user looks the new option located and it is known as the loop in recent times. Click on it so that you will see the check mark appearing as an option.
how to loop youtube videos
Once after the completion of the video, it automatically begins again. As such the Google has been invented the concept of server-side loop technology and the video continues playing without reloading the page. And they have come with the best methods for how to loop youtube in very short period of time. The only major drawback caused is with new youtube loop feature which is a preload youtube ad repeated again after 4-5 force loops. It is not that perfect but still, users will able to access the basic functionality in a more perfect way excluding the entire third-party plug-ins.

Make A YouTube Video Repeat or How to loop a youtube video

Follow the below methods about how to loop youtube videos provided in clear and understandable format. Here we go.
how to loop youtube
  • How to make a youtube video repeat On Desktop Site 
  • How to put a youtube video on loop at Android 
So what are you waiting for? Here we go with the best methods for youtube loop video in clear and efficient way.

How To Make Youtube Videos Repeat Through Desktop Site

Follow the steps carefully provided for youtube repeat url very well and perform without any fail.
loop youtube video
  • The very first step one has to visit the site in any of the browsers. If you are at the mobile site, then click on the upper right corner and select desktop. As such the mobile site does not have the possibility to open the loop option. 
  • And open the video you prefer to make the loop. 
  • Do right click on the video. If the user is using Mac book then use two fingers to click. If it is mobile, press and keep holding with your finger. 
  • Do click the loop so that it enables the looping process for the whole video. 
  • While loop is enabled, it continues to reload and also repeat once every time it finishes. 
  • This feature is available in various browsers and all the videos if you use the YouTube desktop site. 

How To Loop YouTube Videos at Android

This is the another possible way of youtube video looper available at Android. Follow the steps carefully and perform very well.
how to make a youtube video loop
  • Firstly, click on the play store icon available on the home screen of your mobile. 
  • This is because one cannot do the looping process at youtube app. So to do so, we need the special app that helps you to loop in a more better way. 
  • Click on the search bar. 
  • And then one has to type as ListenOnRepeat. 
  • So that you get the page including install button. 
  • Click on it. 
  • And now once after completion of download process click to open. 
  • Or else can access by clicking on the icon appearing in the app list. 
  • Click search for the video you prefer to do so. 
  • It is very much similar to the youtube search so that one can able to find the videos in the more easiest way. 
  • Click the video you likely to loop. 
Finally, play youtube video on loop that continues to loop till you stop or close the app successfully.


As a result, we here go numerous ways to loop youtube video in clear and understandable format. One can choose any of the possible ways for how to make a youtube video loop depending on the user's choice. If you like the how to loop a video on youtube tutorial can share with friends in social networking sites. Visit techciy for more doubts, comment on the below section. Thank you for the visit.

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