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How To Transfer Photos From iPhone to PC Windows 10

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC Windows 10: Today Maintaining Apple iPhone is an ultimate goal to any of the individual. Whatever the price position is, still Apple plays the crucial role in all over the market. This is one of the best and plays the competitor role in all over the world. Most of all turn to the iTunes which help in syncing the whole data to the PC including Windows XP, 7, and Windows 8.

Moreover, in the recent times, the Microsoft has been launched the Microsoft as the whole new OS namely Windows 10. And all the users has been shocked looking as there are more simple way import photos from iphone to windows 10 successfully.

import photos from iphone to windows 10

For this method, nowhere we use the iTunes which is termed as the long lasting process. We are here to help you out for how to transfer photos from iPhone to pc windows 10 through various methods in clear and better understandable format.

Methods For How To Download Pictures From iPhone To Windows 10

Let me say if you are surfing for the various methods applied in order to transfer the photos to PC, then you are at the right place. We provide the best methods that help you a lot determined in the more detailed way.
  • Using Windows 10’s new function through Photos app 
  • Using wireless transfer tool like AirMore

How To Transfer Photos From iPhone to Computer Windows 10 Using Photos App

The Microsoft adds the photo app as an advantage and interlinks this function to the newest OS. Moreover, it helps the user importing photos from iphone to windows 10 in a bulk. As such will be more interesting fact. Follow the below steps carefully and transfer the whole photos to the PC without any fail.
import iphone photos to windows 10
  • The very first plug the iPhone into the system with the help of an original cable. 
  • And now open the Photos app so that one can found by searching for the photos into the search bar available on the screen at windows10. 
  • Click on the button available at the beside of the photos app in order to import. And then click on the three dots to get the text reminder successfully. 
  • Finally, select the iPhone from the options that appear and will click on import in order to include the various photos to the Windows 10.

How To Download Photos From iPhone To Windows 10 Using AirMore

Air More is one of the best and powerful tool based on the web. Most of all prefer the current tool to import pictures from iphone to windows 10 or Apple Mac. Let me tell you as the entire process takes only few several seconds in order to complete the task. This is done without using any kind of USB cable or the iTunes. So let us make a trial on focusing all these steps. You simply follow the instructions carefully and move a step forward with no doubt.
how to download photos from iphone to windows 10
  • Firstly, download the app from the Apple store and then click to install it or one can directly download it by tapping on the download button. 
  • Connect the iPhone to the AirMore. Open AirMore and do scan the entire QR code or hit on the web. 
  • Now, one can go the web page with the help of any web browser without any fail. 
  • For suppose if you connect the two devices i9n Radar, then click on Accept in order to confirm the agreement on iPhone connection through the app. 
  • Now while coming to the transfer of photos, you can move ahead by tapping on choose pictures icon available on the screen so that one can easily import iphone photos to Windows 10 without any fail. 
  • The user is asked to tick on the photos you like to hit the export button. Within fraction of seconds, all the photos will be copied to the PC if it is pretty enough.


As a result, we here guide you about the process of windows 10 iphone photos in different methods. All this is provided for how to import photos from iphone to windows 10 in clear and better understandable format. If you like the current tutorial can share with family/friends. Moreover for any comments, can do comment provided at the below section. Thank you for the visit.

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